The power of a chilled display

Easily increase the turnover and visibility of your brand.


On the refrigerated shelf, you’re surrounded by your competition.

At the same time, it is also very difficult to stand out here. Escape the shelf with a refrigerated display.

The Most Flexible Cooler In The World

Temperature between 0-4 ° C

Thanks to its guaranteed ESCAPE Cooler it is suitable for all refrigerated products.

Small footprint

Thanks to its small footprint you can place the ESCAPE Cooler almost anywhere.

Easy to rebrand

Replace the branding of your ESCAPE quickly and cheaply.

Magnetic click system

The ESCAPE Cooler is foolproof to set up thanks to its magnetic click system.

Fits in a passenger car

No need for vans or installation.
The ESCAPE Cooler fits in every car.

Sturdy materials

The ESCAPE Cooler is designed for intensive use.

Support Promotions

A chilled display is an extension of your brand at the point of sale. An effectively designed display communicates with passing consumers.

Cross Merchandise

Uplift your sales with cross merchandising.

In-Store Activations

Have your product right next to your sampling station.

Strategic Locations

Your product is placed wherever you want for maximum brand exposure.

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