TAURI is the pioneer of the temperature check tablet invented by Glory Star to help businesses control their entrances to ensure people entering into premises do not run high temperatures. The name TAURI was chosen as its one of the most luminous stars in the galaxy with a wide radius and related to temperature. The system is designed with careful craftsmanship, high accuracy within 0.5 degree celsius, 32×32 heat map pixel and a system that has been implemented globally to be the world class and first ever temperature check tablet.

Quick results

Results of measurement are generated within 1 second

High accuracy

Possible error of the measurement is +/- 0.3 degree Celsius

Touch free

No touch interaction is required, reducing infection risk


Do you want club-members to be stress-free when they visit the gym? 

Do you want your employees to feel safe when they enter the office? 

Do you want your children to be safe in a school environment and you don’t have to worry about them catching a flu? 

To keep your environment safe, there is a fast way to check anyone’s temperature prior to them entering a room. 

Glory Star’s temperature check access control system is based on an algorithm that is designed to detect body temperature within 1 second detection rate at a distance of 0.5 to 1-meter distance to increase safety and efficiency.




TAURI Cloud is a powerful companion to all temperature check tablets where users can compare day to day temperature data, review abnormal cases, staff entry information, manage settings on multiple devices and review entire history of collected data.

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